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Starna Green Reference
Description General purpose reference for routine qualification of
UV/Vis spectrophotometers
Primary Usage Validate the absorbance and wavelength scales of UV spectrophotometers
Useable Range 250nm to 650nm and instrument bandwidths up to 20nm
Physical Configuration Far UV quartz cells that have been permanently sealed by heat fusion
NIST Traceability Each set is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis and NIST Traceability
ISO Accredited Accredited by UKAS ISO 17025, ISO Guide34 and ISO 9001

Product Description

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Starna Green is an excellent general-purpose reference for the routine qualification of ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometers in the wavelength range 250 nm – 650 nm. It was specially developed for use with instruments having wider bandwidths (up to 20 nm) but is a useful reference for all instruments. Three peaks are available for wavelength qualification (258, 416 and 630 nm) and the reference can be used at absorbances up to 5 A. Starna Green is very stable, non-toxic and REACH compliant.

This reference is also available specially packaged for the qualification of dedicated microvolume and drop technology instrumentation.

Most reference materials available for instrument wavelength qualification are chosen for their well-defined spectra, with sharp absorption bands, and are usually recommended for instruments with spectral bandwidths of 3 nm or less. This is partly because most absorption bands are asymmetric, so the apparent peak wavelength will change with bandwidth and partly because wider bandwidth instruments may be unable to resolve some peaks at all.

The use of aqueous dye solutions, however, is an established and well-recognised method for the validation of the absorbance scale and linearity of a spectrophotometer. Starna Green is a specially formulated dye solution with three broad but well-defined peaks that can be certified for both wavelength and absorbance value in the UV and visible regions, at bandwidths up to 20nm.

Nominal Nominal Certified Wavelength and Absorbance Values
Concentration 258nm 416nm 630nm
25 mg/L 0.259 0.253 0.254
50 mg/L 0.514 0.505 0.509
75 mg/L 0.757 0.754 0.759
100 mg/L 1.007 10.10 10.17
150 mg/L 1.492 1.485 1.476
200 mg/L 1.990 1.979 1.968
250 mg/L 2.487 2.474 2.460
300 mg/L 2.984 2.969 2.952
400 mg/L 3.979 3.959 3.936
500 mg/L 4.974 4.949 4.920

Scan of Starna Green

Note: The above values are for guidance only. The Calibration Certificate accompanying the references gives actual values, and only these certified values should be used for instrument qualification. Starna Green References are calibrated at 1 nm and 5 nm bandwidths. Other bandwidths on request.

How to Order

Catalog Number Description
RM-25G50G75G100G Starna Green Reference set set, 4 Concentrations

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