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Starna Cylindrical Cells

Cylindrical cells are used where a spectrophotometer has a larger, circular light beam and sample volume is not a consideration. Starna offers several configurations with pathlengths from 0.01 to 100mm. Check the pages listed below for references on each of the designs available.

Starna Cylindrical Cells
Short Pathlength Pathlengths between 0.01mm and 5mm
Short Pathlength, Small Volume Pathlengths between 0.01mm and 5mm with reduced sample volume
Medium Pathlength Pathlengths of 10 and 20mm
Long Pathlength Pathlengths of 50 and 100mm
Large Diameter Aperture of up to 47mm diameter
Fill tube attached Pathlengths of 1, 2, 5 and 10mm
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