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Magnetic Cell Stirrer
Physical Configuration: Controller with ribbon cable to stirring block. Unit has two prongs to plug in to standard 110 V outlet.
Primary use: Controller allows for various speeds to spin stir bars within 10mm cuvettes.
Votage: 110 V

Product Description

The Spinette Cell stirrer is a simple solution to mixing solutions inside of the spectrophotometer or fluorometer cell. The spinette drives a small electronic magnetic stirrer which has the same exterior dimension as a normal cell and is only 5mm thick. It is placed into the bottom of the cell compartment, the cell is then placed on top of the magnet drive. A ribbon connector is brougth up the non-transmitting side of the cell and then connected into the spinette controller. A standard cell is fully mixied within 4 seconds. The spinette works well with any standard cell with a 10mm x 10mm interior or with any of the special stirring cells as listed above. Each spinette comes complete with one stir bar, electronic magnet driver, ribbon cable adn 110V AC controller.


110 V Spinette Magnetic Cell Stirrer
Catalog Number Description
Controller with ribbon cable to magnetic stirring block
5mm long x 2mm diameter stir bars, Pack of 10
6mm long x 1.5mm diameter stir bars, Pack of 10
6mm long x 3mm diameter stir bars, Pack of 10